Posted by Lewis who bought a "Standard"
The neck carve is a reasonably thick “C” shape which is something I turned onto after playing a few old Kramer
“baseball bat” necks; it makes for comfortable chording up and down the neck and doesn’t make my hand cramp
up like some “thin” neck styles do. The back of the neck is glossy; but is thin enough not to be sticky. I always
find the neck is the hardest part of the guitar to get right; I’ve had to pass on a fair few guitars that had a beautiful
sound but the neck didn’t “fit”. In contrast this guitar is like a pair of old jeans; it’s totally effortless to play.

The acoustic sound of this guitar is breathtaking; this is easily one of the most resonant guitars I’ve ever played.
When you hit an open E-chord the headstock vibrates wildly, the sheer volume of the guitar hits you right away
as well. For an electric hollowbody this thing is extremely loud, considerably louder than my Gibson. That being
said it is not a “boomy” loudness which is the trouble with some hollowbodies, it is quite a “delicate” sound and is
extremely touch sensitive. Don’t think that the single notes and octaves lack body however; they have a nice
plump low end. I’m seriously impressed, being a smaller hollowbody I was a little concerned that it would suffer
the “thin weedy sound” syndrome that some have, I keep looking inside the instrument to try and work out how
David did it; so far I haven’t worked it out!
Posted by Grant, who bought a "Mini":

"First off, the way it looks is truly flawless. I couldn't find one imperfection on the binding work and neck joint is
great, amazing upper fret access. Unplugged, the guitar resonates like crazy. Its not just loud either, it actually
sounds like an acoustic guitar. Plugged in is where all the real sweetness comes through. I used a set of nickel
covered Seymour Duncan 59s. Clean, the guitar has an amazing frequency response. I don't think I've ever laid
hands on a guitar which has such a strong, tight yet thick, bass, lush mids and very crisp treble without
approaching ice pick territory. The sound is just dripping with fatness while still remaining very articulate. Under
some mild OD, it dirties up nicely and again, still remains very articulate. Slap on a cranked tube screamer and
you have that classic Trey Anastasio endless sustain that goes into very harmonically focused, controllable
feedback. Even when clean or under mild OD its so easy to coax it into some sweet feedback.  I think its safe to
say this guitar is everything i hoped it would be and more. Its a finely crafted instrument with a stellar tone. I can't
see this guitar ever not being my number one."
Received from Justin who bought a "Mini"
I recently had a Mini Hollowbody (very Langudoc-ish, but 8-10% smaller than a G2) built by David from Equator
Instruments.  David is great to work with, a true professional and very much an artist.  His communication skills
are excellent and made me feel at ease during the whole process.  My guitar (upon his recommendation) has a
carved cedar top, masacare (sp?) sides and walnut back.  The neck (I believe) is made of a wood called
Colorado, and the headstock has a clavalin veneer.  The neck is a perfect size for me, and falls somewhere
between a Les Paul/SG and a PRS for thickness, which is about as good as it gets.  The fretwork was excellent,
and after a setup (I mean come on, the thing traveled all the way to Minneapolis from Ecuador, of course it needs
a tweak or two) it plays perfectly.  The upper fret access is amazing and the tone is outstanding.  The mellow
cedar top really smoothes out the Seymour Duncan ‘59s nicely, and it sounds absolutely HUGE, even
unplugged.  You can tell David has great attention to detail, as the finish work is great, and the binding and neck
joint are fantastic (two very easy spots to find shoddy workmanship).  Overall I’m very pleased with the instrument
that Mr. Coleman has produced here and will definitely work with him in the future on more custom projects.  
Thanks David!
Posted by Greg, who bought a "Mini":

Hi David - Hope you are well.  I've been meaning to write this email to you for months, but it's hard to type when
you refuse to put the guitar down.

I wanted to thank you for building such a beautiful instrument.  Your workmanship is impeccable - very clean, crisp
lines, with an incredible attention to detail.  You really let the natural beauty of the woods you chose to shine
through.  It's a very well balanced instrument that looks and feels like a work of art.  But of course, it's a guitar,
and what sets it apart from all others is the sound and feel.  That balance carries through the entire instrument,
leaving you with with a guitar that feels comfortable in your hands, that fits.  The neck is very comfortable.  Again,
it just feels right in your hand.  The action is low and fast without giving up power and drive.

And that tone - that full, woody, resonant sound that I crave.  It's hard to find an electric guitar that maintains the
woodiness of the sound, but still rips when you want it to.  The sustain is something else - very natural sounding,
riding that fine between tone and feedback.  This is one of those rare guitars that sounds beautiful clean, loaded
with drive, distorted, tubed up, compressed, fuzzed, phased and funked.  I couldn't be happier.

I'm sure I'll be in touch with you again.  

I'm going back to playing now.

Thanks again, and best wishes,
Posted by Ed who bought a "Mini":

Well, I only got to play her for a couple of days before I left for vacation. I wanted to bring her with me, but the risk
of her getting lost or broken on the airlines and their lack of accepting liability and responsibility for luggage forced
me to leave her at home.

That said, David's work is beyond my expectations. When the case finally showed ... See Moreup (she spent a
few days at customs) and I opened her up, I was instantly smitten. The photos David takes certainly depict
beautiful work, but when you get it in your hands, the detail really becomes apparent. For instance, I was okay
with the Colorado neck, though it was not my first choice in woods. However, having her in my hands, that wood
is far more beautiful than the pictures depict. The grain is really pleasant to look at. The same with the mascare

The finish is superb but the shape, contours and trim are just downright sexy. The finish just brings it all together,
with a coat that really let's the woods shine, accentuating the beauty of the wood.

But the real magick comes when you play it. I have a PRS that I love very much, but now that I've played one of
David's guitars, I have no desire to even pick up my PRS. In fact, I'm trading it in for a down payment on a new

When I first played her, before I took her in to my guy to set it up, I was instantly taken aback by how earthy and
warm the natural tone was. It was a very organic sound, as though you could really hear the wood itself, not just
the strings, singing with every chord you played.

Then, once I took her to get set up, I got to play her on the deluxe reverb amp I'm now going to buy. It was pure
bliss. The natural sustain of the guitar is amazing. It can almost get away from you without a little dexterity. The
tone was voluptuous and rich, almost a fine wine of guitar tones. Having set up the electronics like a Languedoc,
the sonic options were a little more diverse, but even without the coil drop and series parallel, the 59's were just
perfect in picking up the diversely gorgeous tone this instrument resonates.

Taking her home, I feel as though I was being challenged by the guitar, as though I should strive fir higher levels
of playing. I'm happy with what I play, but once I got her set up and home, I found I was playing in areas of music I
never had before, almost like when you add a new effect into your loop and it's tone or effect causes you to play
things a liitle differently.

Just in the couple of days I played it before leaving to catch some Phish shows, I had already started writing
music in styles I rarely play at all. I'm very grateful for this guitar. Though I'm glad to be on vacation, part of me
would rather be at home playing her. In fact, in the couple of days I did play her, I got very little sleep and found
myself waking up and playing before doing anything else.

I can't wait to get back to her, that's for sure.
Equator Instruments
custom hollowbody guitars
Hey David,

Just wanted to drop you a quick note...  After a few months of playing with this thing I must say, this is one
amazing guitar!  Such a great tone, and really has exceeded my expectations.  The neck just feels fantastic.  I
certainly hope to one day order another guitar from you (possibly a standard or even a somewhat custom design)
and would certainly recommend your work to anyone.  Thanks for building such a great guitar, hope you are well.

All the best,

Hi David,

I bought Darren Rodneys old PAL and I had to write you to tell you it's the nicest guitar I have ever played. No
joke, I have picked up $10,000 guitars in guitar center and none of them hold a candle to this thing. Truely
amazing.  I can also see why Darren upgraded. If this PAL is this nice, what's the standard like? Grass is always
greener I guess!  Well if I get the same bug I know who to call. Keep up the amazing work!

I won't keep bugging you, but just had to say that after playing guitar since age 13 (now 61) and after owning
some of the finest guitars from 60's Gibson's to custom Fender's, I've enjoyed playing your PAL Mini as much or
more than all of them.  A standard model is now at the top of the list.  Even sounds good unplugged.
Great guitar. Joy to play.  Keep up the good work.
Hi David,

It's been about half a year now, since my standard finally arrived and I wanted to write you a short email /
review of the instrument, so here goes:

What most people write about your guitars is that the pictures you take, while still looking good, don't do them
justice. This is something I can confirm. My wood combination of maple top, koa sides and walnut back just
looks gorgeous, especially combined with the tasteful binding, and there are some times when I just get lost in
the beauty of it. But as any serious guitar player knows, the looks aren't everything.
The most important part of a guitar, and to be quite honest the one I was most worried about, is the neck. You
had described it to me as being a mix between a Gibson and a PRS neck, which pretty much sums it up. It's
nicely shaped and I can play it for hours without getting cramps or discomfort of any kind. Although it is glossy,
the poly finish won't get sticky even after a long day and I very seldom have to clean it. Having mostly played
fenders before ordering my standard, I must admit that the neck felt a little chunkier at first and some of the
typical blues-rock hendrixy style chord playing wouldn't be as fluid. But after getting used to it and adapting my
playing, I soon found out that I could do so much more with this guitar. One of the reviewers you posted on
your website described the first encounter with his Equator as a challenging experience in the sense that
guitar was leading him to higher levels of playing. I had the same experience myself and can now take the
benefits of this improvement to any other instrument.
There's another thing that really impressed me about the neck: I have never seen a neck that is so sturdy!
When the guitar arrived, it was strung with 9 gauge strings, which I changed after a few days to 10s. As I am
currently moving my playing style more and more towards classic jazz, I also experimented with several
gauges over the last six months, going up to flat wound 12s - 50s. Never once did I have to adjust the neck!
It's incredible. A luthier once told me, that the quality of an instrument mostly depends on the quality of the
neck: If the wood is well chosen, very few adjustments have to be made. Taking this into account, I can safely
say that this is the best instrument I have ever held in my hands. The only other guitar coming close to it would
be a 1970s Guild 12-string acoustic. But that's a totally different animal.
Sound wise, this guitar can basically nail anything. Especially with the option of split / series / parallel for both
humbuckers, it can go from warm jazz tones to bell like strat tones and anything in between. Even some quasi-
acoustic sounds can come out of it. The only minor change I had to perform, was a treble bleed mod on the
volume pot, so the high end wouldn't roll off as quickly when turning the volume down. But that's basically a
taste issue. I didn't fully grasp the cleverness of Trey's idea to combine a full hollow body guitar with a longer
scale neck, until I played and heard your standard. I also immediately realized, why I was having such a hard
time finding a hollow body guitar that would appeal to me. But I don't have to look anymore.
One of my worries while ordering a full hollow body was then of course how it would react to distortion and if
feedback would become an issue. As far as I'm concerned, there is no issue at all. If the guitar does feed back,
it will always be a very warm musical hum. No screeching or bad whistle. And it doesn't feed back that fast
either, even with compressors, distortions and fuzz pedals all the way up. I like to think this has to do with the
fact, that you use slightly thicker planks of wood than would be used in any standard hollow body. I do not
know if this is the case or if it's only a feeling, but the body itself feels just as sturdy as the neck and I think this
is also reflected in the way the guitar handles distortion and feedback. So in the end I'd like to stress out
again: This guitar can nail anything!

On a personal note I would like to add that I used this guitar to play my auditions at several dutch
conservatories. I was accepted in Arnhem and will start studying jazz & pop guitar this fall. And as I do now
own my perfect setup, I will be able to spend more time worrying about playing, than about sound and feel of
my rig.

That's all from me. Take care!


PS: Should I raise enough money in the coming years, I think I might contact you about a simple with P90s.
Something in my gut tells me this could be very promising. But first I'll enjoy my standard a little longer…